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Welcome to Mag7Bingo! As the name suggests, this is a community for creating fanworks based on prompts you receive on a bingo card.

This is a low-stress community - if you can't complete your bingo card, or you get fed up of it and want some new prompts, just request a new card. We won't be checking up on you to see if you succeeded (or cheated), but we'll be here to cheer you on if you want some encouragement.

It's pretty simple to participate.
  1. Sign up for a bingo card. You can chose which categories you want the prompts from, and you can exclude up to three in each category.
  2. Receive the bingo card.
  3. Interpret the prompts however you like - many have been left deliberately ambiguous.
  4. Write fic, draw pictures, make graphics, create picspams, or anything else you want to do, as long as each one relates to a square on your card.
  5. Post your creations wherever you want, either your own journal, AO3, or even here if you prefer that.
  6. Comment on the BINGO! post when you've completed a line, a blackout, or any of the other combinations that are possible.
  7. Rejoice in your success!
At any time, you can request a new card. Just comment again on the sign-up post, and it's yours.

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Date: 2017-04-19 04:40 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] starwinder
Thanks for the bingo card. I'm doing something a little different with mine. I'm trying to see how many of the prompts I can get into a single fic so it's gonna be long. Rather than post it here I have set up a dreamwidth account to post it to as I write it.

It's here:


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