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Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:29 pm
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The Reverse Fuckbuddy (2103 words) by celli
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pod Save America (RPF)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jon Favreau/Jon Lovett
Characters: Jon Lovett, Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Pundit (Pod Save America RPF), Leo (Pod Save America RPF)
Additional Tags: First Time, Friends to Lovers, Fuckbuddies, Jon POV Character is Lovett

Jon doesn't want to talk about it, Favs doesn't know what he's talking about, and Tommy would like everyone to shut the fuck up.

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I find the process of learning this new skill fascinating, if you can't tell, and will happily chat about it for hours. So let me know if you have any comments or further suggestions!

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Jun. 22nd, 2017 07:28 pm
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Was actually yesterday, the solstice, when PM Justin Trudeau gave it an official name change from National Aboriginal Day, which it's been since 1996. The Chief of the Assembly of First Nations approved this change.

The Indigenous Peoples comprises First Nations, Metis, & Inuit people.

National Indigneous Peoples Day kicks off the run-up to Canada Day on July 1st w/ national days celebrating Canadian culture. Coming up on June 27th is Canadian Multiculturalism Day.

Damn for missing the day itself, but how better for a non-Indigenous fannish type to celebrate than w/ a picspam of some of our many Canadian Indigenous actors? Some have been nominated for Oscars. Some are also--or even better--known as musicians, artists, & writers. Some are all those things. All are wonderfully talented people whose work in many fields over many years has given me much joy!

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A couple of weeks ago, Trudeau also announced that the former US Embassy opposite Parliament Hill in Ottawa, which the government acquired in 1997 but has left empty ever since, will be a space dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples. Consultations ahead w/ them to decide what they'd like to do w/ this large, central building.

I'd love to see what ends up being done w/ it.

The bridge post

Jun. 21st, 2017 11:28 am
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In which "bridge" isn't a metaphor, but an actual bridge. For no reason, just because.

Well, because the other day, when driving into town, the light indicating the Blue Bridge was up was flashing, so I decided not to wait, turned off the main road, confidently turned onto a familiar street--& ended up winging off into territory that 1st became oddly unfamiliar, then all too familiar.

"Gah!" said I. "How did I end up on the Island Highway driving rapidly out of the city? How?!"

So I turned around at the 1st opportunity & made it back to familiar ground going the right direction. Whew.

So this morning when I was driving into the city & saw the light flashing to indicate the bridge was up, I cravenly joined the queue of cars waiting for it to lower. *g*

Sitting in the car for a quarter hour staring at the raised underbelly of the 97-year-old drawbridge painted an iconic sky blue, hence its affectionate nickname of the Blue Bridge, led to reflection on the construction of its replacement already being 2 years behind schedule.

So for no reason, I decided to seek out pics.

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In other news, I'm sleeping a bit better. Still working off the sleep-debt, but it's a relief to sleep longer than 3 hours at a stretch, or at least to fall back asleep after waking.

Got another of those ridiculous messages from a guy claiming to be an "officer" with the Canada Revenue Agency. Apparently there's been an arrest warrant sworn against me & "all your property". All my property is going to be arrested! Lol.

They're late this year. Taxes were due 30th April & I've already received the acknowledgement & my refunds from the CRA. I suppose the police raids that shut down several phone scam places in India last year slowed them down.

Media Monday

Jun. 19th, 2017 08:55 am
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aka the Grump Post.

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So there's the mostly lows, but a little high, of my media watching right now. Maybe something new will grab me? At least I'll try a few.

I miss feeling fannish about anything other than my old stalwarts. Thank heavens for those.

Updated inventory: books

Jun. 17th, 2017 07:40 pm
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I've completed my latest declutter. \o/ The smaller of my 2 remaining bookcases is now empty & all books & dvds are on my last bookcase. The small bookcase can go.

The small bookcase held my books & a few zines. Also stacks of dvd backups of my digital media files, now all transferred to 2 external hard drives.

The larger bookcase held my bought dvds in their original boxes.

Over the past 2 years, I've reduced my paper books from 132 to 98, which includes the M7 & Pros scripts & some famhis pamphlets. The books that took up 2 1/3 of the shelves on the small bookcase now fit on 1 shelf of the big bookcase.

I'm disappointed that Cherryh's books published by Warner still aren't available as ebooks, so my hard covers remain. :(

The bought dvds, divested of their boxes & now in paper sleeves, are in these black boxes, which aren't pretty, but keep them together, dust free, & easy to rifle through.

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So, I needed an updated inventory of my books in their new home so I can find what I want when I want it. This won't be of interest to anybody else, but I find it useful.

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Friday 5

Jun. 16th, 2017 02:22 pm
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Today's [community profile] thefridayfive.

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Hurt/Comfort round 8!

Jun. 15th, 2017 07:20 pm
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Returning shows

Jun. 11th, 2017 09:50 pm
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Shows are coming back after the brief hiatus.

Dark Matter - Excellent S3 double-ep opener on Friday night! I'm not at all fond of, or interested in, Four's storyline, but have vague hopes things might turn around. Very very glad the rest have been reunited & the found family theme is now overt!

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Fear the Walking Dead - I can't believe this awful show has actually made it to 3 seasons. I really can't believe--& yet it's entirely in character for this thing--they killed off the only likable character in the entire show in the S3 opener! Though new character Jake seems nice. Eh, that probably means he won't last long while the unpleasant new characters go on & on.

It is fun seeing Joanie Stubbs & Charlie Utter reunited onscreen (Kim Dickens & Dayton Callie).

Poldark - Yay for another S3 getting underway today! My knowledge of the books continues to make watching even more rewarding. I know exactly what's going to happen at each step because this adaptation is being remarkably faithful. Anyway, cheering for the return of the gorgeous landscape, the gorgeous Ross & Demelza, & Geoffrey Charles growing up to be a more active thorn in George Warleggan's side. :)

fic recs for emotion

Jun. 11th, 2017 10:20 am
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I asked for fic recs on twitter:

And twitter fucking delivered! Putting these all in one place so they don't get lost/other people can see them. With the caveat that I haven't read them all yet, so I don't know full warnings or anything, ok?

And feel free to add your own in the comments/on twitter!

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